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Tissuepatch™ -High sealing force

Tissuepatch™ -High sealing force


Multi-layer adhesive, sealing barrier film

TissuePatch ™ is a novel multi-layer adhesive, barrier barrier film designed to help prevent fluid and air leaks. The basic ingredient of the product is "TissueBond ™", a four-layer structure of the ingredients poly-lactide-co-glycolide and poly-N-vinylpyrrolidone 50-co-acrylic acid 25-co-N-hydroxysuccinimide ester of acrylic acid 25, the TissuePatch ™ self-adhesive, sealing and gives resorbable properties.



The covalent bond that Tissuepatch™ makes with the tissue to be sealed does not allow for possible sealing forces and sealing impermeability, thus preventing the risk of leakage.


The Tissuepatch™, made by the Italian company Tissuemed, ​​not only offers 3 times the sealing power, but is also ideally suited for an optimal result due to its transparency and its thin material (0,04mm).


Thanks to the solid form of Tissuepatch™, it can be used immediately, has a constant material thickness and is durable. Thanks to the Tissuebond adhesive, the seal is watertight and, above all, end-to-end within just 3-5 minutes. The extensive range of sizes offers the user many options to choose from and reduces time-consuming cuts during the operation.

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